Modulul de scara in spirala implementat in CYPE 2017.c


Incepand cu versiunea CYPECAD 2017.c se pot introduce scari in spirala din beton armat. Gasiti mai jos informatii suplimentare.

Curved staircases
Users can now introduce curved flights of stairs using the “Stairs” module of CYPECAD. The “Predefined shape” option includes:

Straight flights

These are the predefined types included as of previous versions.

Curved and straight flights

Curve with straight flight
Curve with two straight flights
Two curves with three straight flights
Using the “Free shape” option, users can combine straight and curved flights, and create an infinite number of staircase shapes.

The finite element analysis model for staircases operates, as it always has, independently from the rest of the structure for the analysis. The program automatically transfers the loads of the stairs to the complete structural model at its supports, start, end and intermediate supports as averaged line loads.